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Short Form Improv

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Improv Troupes and Performers that do Short Form and/or love Short Form and forum on how to make it a more respected form in our community

Short Form Games

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    Stefan Gearhart

    I know in our troupe Damaged Goods we like to create our own original new short form games. What are some games you guys have created or that are unique to your teams?


    Aaron Pughes

    We play a game called “Date Fast”. The Host is a cheesy 60’s game show host full of puns (Rory hosts this game). We get an audience member, if nobody volunteers we ask for somebody on a honeymoon, anniversary, or first date. The audience member sits in a seat and is interviewed by the host.  Three players come out and stand stage right of the audience member.

    The players compliment the audience member using ‘gets’ from the audience by extending their arm out to the audience, in the format of “Oh (name), when I saw you I noticed your (body part) and it’s beauty reminded me of (audience get), (justification)”. Host makes a pun towards the compliment and asks the next player to take their turn. 2 – 3 rounds. If it’s hot end at 2nd, if needs a heavy hit try for 3rd.

    Game ends when audience member chooses a player.

    Next time we play it I’ll try to get a video


    Bob Bedore

    Quick Wits (Short Form Troupe from Utah started in 1994) also loves to create our own games. Many of them are in an app we have (The QWAPP). It is in the Goggle Play store and we’re working on an IOS version. But you can also find a web based version on our web site ( There are a few hundred games on it with instructions.

    I’ve also written two books on improv with many of games included. There is “101 Improv Games for Children and Adults” and “101 More Improv Games for Children and Adults”. Of course there are many games, but I also go through how to teach improv in the books. Check them out if you have a hankering.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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