Omaha Improv Festival 2018

May 24-27, 2018

About Omaha Improv Festival 2018

Our goal is to bring together improvisers everywhere for a weekend of fun shows, great workshops, and fun community activities, like a huge grillout Sunday of Memorial Weekend at a park! Since you hopefully don't work Monday, we suggest sticking around Sunday night as we'll have more great shows. (Those who stick around Monday morning are invited to breakfast!)

Like always, we are bringing amazing coaches and performers this year! We have Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall/Lilo & Stitch,) Seth Morris (The League/Children's Hospital,) Mary Holland (Veep/Comedy Bang Bang,) 3Peat (iO Chicago,) Stacey Smith (ImprovBoston,) Kristen Schier and Rob Alesiani (Philly Improv Theatre,) Christopher George (I Am The Show,) KC Improv Company (KICK,) and Bearded Men (HUGE.)

Last year we had 36 teams come visit us, and as we grow, we want to make sure our festival gets better and better for you!

This year will be our 2nd year hosting the festival during Memorial Weekend, meaning an extra day to stay, do shows, take workshops, and have fun. May is also the most beautiful month to be in Omaha, whether you want to go to the #1 zoo in the world, take a walk over the Missouri River, or explore around downtown's Old Market district. And that Sunday, we've rented out a park for having a huge grill-out and games!

We'll have some great workshops this year, including sketch and musical improv, and also enough free time allowing you to have more fun with your friends. The Kevin McDonald workshops will even lead into shows performing the sketches you work on at The Backline! This means you can come solo (or with a group) and still get to perform on the main stage! We will also try and find other opportunities for those arriving solo.

This year we have also fixed one of our biggest problems, which means we have found one hell of an extra venue. Our goal this year is to make sure all the performances are well attended so everyone has a great show.

We strive to have the most fun After Parties too. This year we will have different after parties each night! (One of the nights will be karaoke)

We will also have those cool personalized lanyards/badges for everyone this year too!

Make this experience truly as great as it should be by staying through Sunday night! We want everyone here who wants to have a fun weekend.

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