Hollywood Improv Festival 2017

January 27-29, 2017

About Hollywood Improv Festival 2017

The Hollywood Improv Festival is a three-day event starting Friday, January 27th  and ending Sunday, January 29th.  The shows and events will take place at The Clubhouse in East Hollywood.  In addition to shows, the Hollywood Improv Festival hosts "The Improv Summit" where representatives from the major improv theaters in LA discuss topics that are relevant to the community.


Early submissions are accepted beginning April 30th and the submission fee is $25.  The submission fee on or after May 30th is $30 per team, and the submission fee on or after July 15th is $35 per team.  The submission deadline is August 19th.  Teams are encouraged to submit early as spaces are limited.



Avatar Image Nick Armstrong
Consulting Producer

Avatar Image Brian James O'Connell
Consulting Producer

Avatar Image Shaun Landry
Consulting Producer

Avatar Image Jeff Thompson
Executive Producer


The Hollywood Improv Festival is organized by the Middle Theatre Company, a 501(c)3 California nonprofit company focused on the development of improv as an artform and bringing improv to the community.

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