Third Coast Improv Fest 2017

November 02-04, 2017

About Third Coast Improv Fest 2017

The Third Coast Improv Fest is back as Nashville's improv festival for its second year! Last year nearly 30 troupes and over 125 improvisers came to Music [soon to be comedy] City for three days of improv.

This year, we're building on the momentum of our first two years and will be back at the only brick-and-mortar comedy club in Nashville dedicated to improv, the Third Coast Comedy Club.

The fest starts Thursday, November 2nd and ends Saturday, November 4th. Join us as we feature local and national groups of all improv styles and formats.

Interested in teaching a workshop (and getting paid, cha-ching!)? Submit via the teacher link on the National Improv Network website or email


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