July 07-08, 2017

About IMPRIDE 2017

IMPRIDE is a celebration of the spirit of pride we share in the improv community. Improv has always been a safe sanctuary for the LGBTQI community and its time to celebrate that. We welcome improv, musical improv, sketch, clown and any other unique comedy stylings to submit to perform in the San Diego Improv Pridefest. We welcome LGBTQI applicants as well as allies. All proceeds go to LGBT youth arts programs, a San Diego Pride Sponsored Charity.

Over the two days we will have two nights of shows! Workshops! And of course in two San Diego Pride fashion- Parties! This event is a San Diego Pride Sponsored event during their month long pride celebration! The parade itself is is July 15th and all applicants are welcome to march with Finest City Improv!

IMPRIDE, An improv festival with pride!
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