Mount Olymprov 2020

June 02-06, 2020

About Mount Olymprov 2020

Mt Olymprov festival is coming back for its fifth edition! We are in the process of selecting our instructors, but it’s also time to find our performers and we want you on our stage!

2016 marked the birth of Greece’s very own international improv theater festival and it was a huge success.
2017 followed with an ever bigger, better festival that left everyone talking about it around the globe.
2018 established us as one of the prime festivals in Europe.
2019 was the best one of them all.

This coming festival… We invite you to be one of the groups that will make it even more breathtaking than any other event before!

This could be the year you will jump on the stage of an Athenian theater alongside your teammates and do what you do best! We invite you to submit your application for a show you would like to offer to perform at this year’s festival. It can be absolutely anything, as long as it is improvised. Games, narratives, montages, harolds, monoscenes, solos, mayhemprov, musicals, peeing-in-a-bucket, whatever you feel you do best. If accepted, you will be offered a slot of either 25, 30 or 45 minutes.

Mount Olymprov is Greece's International Improv Theater Festival! It takes place in Athens and offers a complete Improv in Greece experience, like no other!
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