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Chris George is San Diego's original longform improvisation instructor and has been performing improv since 2003.

He is a graduate of the iO, Annoyance, and Chicago Improv Studio (CIS) training centers in Chicago, and is a founder of the National Comedy Theater's (NCT) Sunday Company, Finest City Improv (FCI) (San Diego's first dedicated long form theater) serving as Assistant Artistic Director and designing the first curriculum, and the Stage Monkeys SD (San Diego's original Harold team), the latter of which he coached and directed for 5 and half years. CG also founded the San Diego Improv Festival and has served as Festival Director and Program Chair. In 2011, he created and produced Buddy System, a new form and show designed to showcase unaffiliated large casts in a novel way; this show has been performed additional times at other theaters due to its popularity.

He has taught shortform, longform, and musical improvisation at all levels, from basic scene work to forms to advanced performance at FCI and Sidestage Improv (now Old Town Improv Company) in San Diego. He has been a guest instructor at NCT, the Dallas Comedy Festival, Tampa Bay Improv Festival, the Spectacles Improv Engine (Orange County, CA), Endurance Improv Festival (Madison, WI), the New Movement Theater (New Orleans, LA), Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute (JITLI), the University of Texas Dallas' Advanced Improvisation Program, the Countdown Improv Festival, and the Chicago Improv Studio.

He founded and performed regularly in San Diego with The World According To... (SD's original Armando team), Mike and Chris (SD's original duo team), Fourth Date (SD's original monoscene team), As Ink (SD's first Bat team and podcast), Fellow Travellers, and Book Club (SD's original narrative team). He has coached extensively, including Red Squared, Tiny Freckle, Lead Candy, and Black Belt Siblings.

CG has toured extensively, performing at over two dozen festivals across the US and Canada with Mike and Chris, or with his one man show, I Am the Show.

He has been teaching since 2008, and currently lives in Chicago where plays on the CIS House Team Boymom.

Currently Teaching at: Sidestage Improv

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Chris's Workshops

Ulysses and MacGyver
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Scene Games of North America
(Improv)Gods Don't Play Dice
The Makers
It's Not Object Work - It's Object Play
Narrative Improv for Heroes
Play It Again
To Improv is Human
No Way Out
Valence Chemistry

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