Anthony Francis


Anthony's Info

Director and founder of Improv U, Anthony teaches weekly improv classes and provides opportunities for people to learn and perform improv in Delray Beach, Florida.

He directs and performs in 'Ant Farm', '&Anthony', 'Business Casual' and 'Friends With Benefits'.

Anthony along with his wife Marisa are the producers of the Palm Beach Improv Festival and The Improv Cruise.

Anthony's Workshops

Drop-In Like It's Hot
Tricked Into It

" I look forward to anything that Anthony teaches. He is unquestionably passionate about improv, crazy funny and his confidence is infectious. There's something about this teacher that makes you feel totally comfortable getting up, getting creative, getting crazy and having fun no matter what your mindset was before the class. I'll be there next time, and the next, and the next. " - Scott M.

" Had such a great time! Anthony is as passionate about improv as he is about teaching it to students and making them feel comfortable being silly. It was such a fun, open environment and everyone participated at their own level of comfort. What a great group! " - Tana V.

"FUN" - Gerry G.

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