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Anthony Francis is the founder and artistic director of Improv U. He has been teaching actors, business professionals, parents, students and kids how to be more confident on and off stage since 2012. He is an actor, comedian, singer, MC and host. He has performed and hosted improv shows in Chicago, New York, Portland, Miami, and more. He currently directs 3 improv teams and performs a fully improvised musical comedy show called “Ant Farm”. Anthony has taught thousands of people just like you to be confident and entertaining improvisers.

Anthony's Workshops

How to Grow Your Improv Community With Drop In Classes
Tricked Into It
Ant Farm: A Solo Improv Workshop

" I look forward to anything that Anthony teaches. He is unquestionably passionate about improv, crazy funny and his confidence is infectious. There's something about this teacher that makes you feel totally comfortable getting up, getting creative, getting crazy and having fun no matter what your mindset was before the class. I'll be there next time, and the next, and the next. " - Scott M.

" Had such a great time! Anthony is as passionate about improv as he is about teaching it to students and making them feel comfortable being silly. It was such a fun, open environment and everyone participated at their own level of comfort. What a great group! " - Tana V.

"FUN" - Gerry G.

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