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Cassidy has been doing improv since middle school. (Cool!) She currently teaches and directs at the Annoyance Theatre, which she loves very much. At the Annoyance, Cassidy performs weekly with improv teams Trigger Happy and Sight Unseen, produces and performs in the weekly variety show Oddball Social Club, and got her tongue cut out in the 31st annual production of Splatter Theatre. Across town, she performs with veteran iO Theater team Deep Schwa and is a writer / actor with the iO Comedy Network team Secret Lawyer.

With her duo team, Rufio, Cassidy has performed at the Alaska State Improv Festival, Atlanta Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon, Denver Improv Festival, Ocean State Improv Festival, and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. She has taught classes and workshops in Chicago, DC, Atlanta, and Alaska. Prior to living in Chicago, Cassidy taught and was a performer on the mainstage team at Village Theatre in Atlanta, played with house teams at the Washington Improv Theater in DC, and appeared in multiple (multiple!) local car commercials.

Cassidy mainly likes to cry on stage, listen to banjo music, and talk about classic children's literature.

Currently Teaching at: The Village Theatre

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Cassidy's Workshops

Dynamic Duos
Play With Confidence
Made From Scratch
Improv Personal Training
Finding The joy
Characters Not Caricatures

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