David's Info

David Madison (San Francisco, CA) started studying improv under the SF greats almost 20 years ago. He has performed with the Un-Scripted Theater Company, BATS main company, Out of Line and a variety of other groups. He directed a weekly improv jam for over a decade and is now the artistic director of the San Francisco troupe Well Endowed. From the beginning Dave has been drawn to and worked in long-form theatrical improv where he gets to focus on his love of story.

As a teacher he revels in deconstructing the foundations of art to figure out what we all need to learn to become better at our craft, and then finding inspiring ways to get us to re-look at these foundations so they stay exciting.

Two truths and a lie:
* Dave is also an internationally renowned dance instructor.
* Dave can run a 4 minute mile.
* Dave was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.

For more info: http://improv.saintvitus.com/

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