DK Reinemer


DK's Info

DK Reinemer was born and raised by hippies in the Pacific Northwest, so of course his only option was a life of comedy. In 2004, DK was hand picked along with a few other improvisers by Ryan Stiles from “Whose Line is it Anyway?” to help open and run the wildly successful comedy club, “The Upfront Theatre."
DK was the Education Director and taught and performed improv till he moved to Los Angeles in 2012. For two years DK co-hosted the “NoHo Comedy ShowHo” with his internationally acclaimed two-man improv/sketch duo, “The DK and Morgan Show.” And was an actor/writer on the Pack Theater house team, “100% Stuff,” who have headlined festivals in Austin, San Francisco and LA.
As a film actor, DK recently co-starred in the new Chelsea Handler show on Netflix, and his TV show, “The Neighborhood” was featured on “Channel 101” for 2 seasons.

DK is currently the Marketing Director, teacher, coach and performer at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland Oregon.

You can also see DK’s web series and video sketches online at

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