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Elke's Info

Hello, my name is Elke (L-Key) Reid and I've been doing improv for 9+ years. I've been and am currently on several indie improv teams who have had runs at The People's Improv Theater (The PIT) in New York City and performed in the Del Close Marathon. And I've also been apart of and taught at several improv and sketch festivals on both coasts of the US.

Currently I teach drama to elementary school students. And I do private coaching for indie sketch and improv teams.

It all comes down to the simple fact that, I love improv. It's "freestyle acting" and I enjoy the challenge of performing without a script or knowledge of what's to come. I'm such an improv nerd.

For more info: http://www.improvcoaches.com/coaches/elke-reid

Elke's Workshops

Everything Counts: Don't Drop The Ball
You've Got Character: Commitment Is Key
For The Ladies: We Can Be Funny Too
Walk-Ons and Tag-Outs and Game, Oh My!

"Elke is a dynamic and supportive improviser" - Dana Shulman, PIT Faculty Member

"She’s dedicated, honest, knows her stuff, and passionate about the craft." - Mike Brown, PIT Faculty Member

"Unique in approach and successful in her support of young improvisers during their jam scenes." - Ron Hill, PIT Faculty Member

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