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Josh is serving as the Artistic Director of Voodoo Comedy in Denver. Josh served as the Training Center Director for M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater. He is a founder and former Artistic Director of Spectacles Improv Engine in Fullerton Ca. He is the founder and former director of The Orange County Improv Festival and founder and former director of the The Improv Cup. He has been performing improv for 25 plus years and coaching/teaching for a decade. Josh seeks out opportunities to learn from improv's greatest luminaries. He has studied under instructors from iO West & Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, Groundlings, Second City, UCB & The Pack Theater. Josh is the creator of Spectacles Improv Engine's unique focus based curriculum. He teaches with a concentration on organic, in-the-moment improvisation which can help build confidence on stage and off.
He directed the improvised play The Awkward Party which was recognized as the 2017 Best Play in the OC by OC Weekly Magazine.
He has proudly taught as a Master Teacher at Camp Improv Utopia, Improv Fest Ireland, Off The Cuff in Cedar City, Westside Comedy Theater, The Torch in Phoenix, Finest City Improv in San Diego, Adlib Theater in Orlando, For The City of Rancho Cucamonga, UC Irvine, The Jewish Federation and Family Services, Crittenton, Agile Project Management and The Coup De Comedy Festival.

Currently Teaching at: Spectacles Improv Engine, Voodoo Comedy

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Josh's Workshops

Living In The 51%
The Promise
Grounded Not Boring
Rep City
Organic Improv Intensive
Point of View
Be An Amazing Scene Partner

"Josh is a very insightful, compassionate and knowledgeable teacher. He makes all students feel valued and encouraged. He is an incandescent light and his teaching style is relaxed and sharp. I recommend Josh as a devoted and intelligent leader." - Juliette Saunders, M.A., Educator

"Without his patience I wouldn't be where I am today. His training and teaching has been the basis of all my improv, any success I've had is directly because of him." - Joey Shope

"Josh has a unique and very rare combination of solid improv training, a curiosity to hunger and know more, an authentic humbleness about it all and a almost Buddha-like teaching philosophy, making all his students focus on the moon ( or whatever topic he is teaching) not him. I encountered Josh at a very difficult time in my life, a crossroads, really, and he was a positive and gentle force for good in my training and in his guidance as my coach. A teacher myself, and having studied, performed, and coached improv for the last 14 years, I can honestly say, Josh is the real deal- no, Josh is THE deal. He is selfless, and attentive to his student's needs, he is an incredible performer and director and countless people's lives would be tragically altered without his gentle, sane, often brilliant guidance. I am so proud to work with him and for him, my mentor, Josh" - Amy Louise Sebelious

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