T.J. Mannix


T.J.'s Info

T.J. Mannix is an 21-year veteran of the NYC improv scene, and has taught and performed in 23 countries. He has toured multiple times with The Second City/NCL, was an original cast member of the critically-acclaimed "BLANK the Musical" off-Broadway, and is the Founder/Artistic Director of the 11th annual New York Musical Improv Festival. T.J. has taught/performed at the UCB, P.I.T., and Magnet Theaters and is a faculty member at the Professional Conservatory of Musical Theatre at the New York Film Academy.

With his epic one-man, improvised musical "LimboLand," T.J. has headlined the Paris Impro en Seine, Oslo Impro Fest, Vancouver International Improv Festival, Chicago Musical Improv Festival, NY Musical Improv Festival, San Francisco's West Coast Musical Improv Festival, Countdown (321) Festival in Tampa, NC Comedy Arts Festival, and Improv Festivals in San Diego, Palm Beach, Pittsburgh, and Hartford.

T.J. recently scored the Law and Order trifecta, playing everything from an evil minister to an gay kidnapper. He has appeared in Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order, L&O Criminal Intent, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and had recurring roles As the World Turns, All My Children, and One Life to Live. T.J. is also known in NYC for his popular Commercial Auditioning classes for improvisors. He admits to spending a very dark year working as a Mousketeer.

T.J.'s Workshops

"Be a Better Improv Coach" with T.J. Mannix
"Creating Successful Solo and Duo Shows with T.J. Mannix"
"Working with Musicians: Breaking the Rules and Raising Your Gam
"Tackling Your Improv Weaknesses Without Destroying Your Egos (w
"FACE: The Interactive Sound" with T.J. Mannix
"Storytelling with T.J. Mannix"
"On-Camera Auditioning for Improvisors" with T.J. Mannix
"Getting Out of Your Head" with T.J. Mannix
Build a Workshop for Your Festival
Don't Chicken Out! Musical Improv with T.J. Mannix
Acting for Improvisors (Master Class with T.J. Mannix)
"Advanced Musical Improv Forms with T.J. Mannix"
“The Dollhouse - with T.J. Mannix”

"This class is the best money I have EVER spent on ANY training in New York City, and I have spent some serious change. Take it!" - Olivia Petzy Benning (Magnet Theater House Team)

"(T.J. goes) above and beyond and I never had a teacher who is as passionate and serious to teach as I am to LEARN, absorb, and grow." - Jessica Kramer, Improvisor

"T.J. gave me a confidence in myself that I've never experienced before. He connects with you on a personal level to make you better. It's terrifying and exhilarating...and it gets the job done. " - Joshua Dialosa, NYC

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