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Luke began improvising in 2004. He has studied at UCB, Curious Comedy, Kickstand Comedy, and more working with teachers and coaches including Brian James O'Connell, Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Nick Armstrong, Carla Cackowski, Kristen Schier, Jay Flewelling, DK Reinemer, Stacey Hallal, and more.

He is the director of Video Production at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR and has watched hundreds if not thousands of hours of improv. He coaches teams at Curious Comedy Theater and has taught and lectured at festivals including Twin Cities at Huge Theater and the New Zealand Improv Festival.

He brings a keen eye for physical scene work, movement, balancing narrative and emotion.

FORMS: He is passionate about various improv forms and has extensive experience with Harold, La Ronde, and JTS Brown. He also has a passion for Deconstruction and anything else you can throw at him.

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Luke's Workshops

Let's tell a story: Narrative not Plot
Move! Move! Move!
Freshen up your Group Games - Harold and Otherwise
Capturing Improv for Video- Tech, Specs, and Philosophy
Rewind: Exploration of Choice in Scene
What's in an Opening?
Let's Get Weird: A fever dream of Sound, Movement, & More

"I've learned more from our 3 months of rehearsals than the last 10 months of classes combined." - Willow McCormick // Curious Comedy Conservatory Team

"Thank you so much for your extremely well timed. Well executed workshop. I was having a crisis of epic proportions and your workshop turned me around." - Lisa Garrity // Waiheke Comedy

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