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Nicholas Riggs is Lead Instructor at Post Dinner Conversation, Inc in Tampa, Fl. He's the originator of Flashform Improv - a freefrom narrative mashup derived from theories on graphic novels. Nicholas performers and teaches with his partner as one half of the duo Equanimity and travels with Post Dinner Conversation, performing annually at festivals all over the country.

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Nicholas's Workshops

Flashform Intensive: The Whole Shabaang!
Flashform: Play with Everything All the Time
Edit Dammit: Comedy Art Craftsmanship
True Agreement and No More Bullshit
Narrative Improv or How I Learned to Stop Trying and Love Story
Comedy in Truth: Vulnerable Relationships, Intimate Scenes
Making It Count: Presence Over Performance
The Tune Up: 2 Person Scenework Diagnostic
Character Inside and Out
Listening...No Really...
Warm Up Frenzy: All Games On All the Time
Short Form Redux
Playing With Guns: Objects, Space, and Status

"Nicholas Riggs is a rare bird: a fun-loving improv instructor and a pointy-headed narrative nerd. His ready supply of fantastic games and exercises that teach you to silence your inner critic and have fun, combined with his incisive comments to how it all links up to big ideas, make him one of the best instructors in the business." - Dan Grech, Chasing Tales Miami

"Nicholas Riggs creates a dimension in which your skills are transformed and pushed outside the box - his unique insight and understanding opens the door for you to explore the vast range and tools of your craft. Nick creates an environment that allows one to feel 100% safe which enables fearlessness in taking risks, exploring new concepts, and further burning that fire of passion within all of us." - Shrey Neil, Upright Citizens Brigade, American Stage Theatre Company

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