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A graduate of The Second City, iO West, Upright Citizen's Brigade, Comedy Sportz, The Nerdist, The Second City Directing program as well as studying at The Groundlings, Pepper currently is a teacher and director at Second City Hollywood.

Pepper is a cast member of The Second City Hollywood's long running The Really Awesome Improv Show, a past member of The Second City House Ensemble and iO West Honor Roll, and plays/played on the iO Harold Teams B-Side and (nebraska) as well as Nerdist House teams U.N. Jefferson, Mulligan, Corvair and currently Aeroplane.

Pepper performs and tours with VIRGINIA SLIMS, a long form duo that showcase their comedy and teach workshops around the U.S. performing in festivals throughout the year such as the San Diego Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Miami Improv Festival, the Alaskan Improv Festival, Green Bay Improv Festival, and the Boston Comedy and Arts Festival to name a few. If he's not playing in an improv show as you're reading this, he's probably on his way to one.

Need a coach for your improv team? That's me. A guest teacher for a festival workshop? Ask me about my workshops: "The Long and the Short of It" or "Your Show from the Top Down" or "Game on Motherf@*kers!!"

Currently Teaching at: Second City Hollywood

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Pepper's Workshops

The LONG and the SHORT of it.
Your Show from the Top Down
Game on Motherf@*kers!!
Character Engines: The Why of your Want

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