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Rolland has taught consistently at M.i's Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica (next door to Los Angeles) since February 2012, teaching all levels as well as teaching drop-in workshops, coaching student lottery shows, theater house teams and independent teams.

He has taught workshops at festivals and theaters while on tour, including at Finest City Improv (San Diego), the California Comedy Festival 2016, Voodoo Comedy Lounge (Denver), Hideout Theater (Austin), The Torch Theater (Phoenix), Unscrewed Comedy Theatre (Tucson), Improv Festival Oklahoma 2017

His exercises and workshops are designed to balance the philosophy \ art side of improv while also providing techniques that can be immediately implemented the next time the student steps on the stage!

His coaching has reviews! You can read them at

Currently Teaching at: M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

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Rolland's Workshops

Keep Your Eyes OFF the Road!
Culture of Trust
Those darn first 3 lines...
Improv for Voice Actors
Salsa Dancing (at an improv theater? Yes, And!)

"I feel very fortunate to have had Rolland as my very first Improv comedy teacher. Rolland’s enthusiasm, passion, talent, and skill both as a teacher, as well as an actor, inspired and challenged me, and made me feel at home." - Marg Helgenberger - Actor, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Under the Dome", "Species", "China Beach"

"Rolland’s honesty, his teaching skills, and his sincerity in truly wanting his students to absolutely love the improv experience as much as he does, shows in every moment of his class!…[Rolland] has amazing improv energy that never stops, and is also so incredibly focused on each individual’s comprehension and understanding of the concepts he is teaching…Taking a class from him can’t be missed!" - Betsy Baker - Actor, in the original horror cult-classic, "Evil Dead"

"Rolland is the best Improv teacher I have ever had. His precise teaching methods gently but firmly coaxed me out of my shell and onto the stage. His no-nonsense practice of stopping students mid-scene helped me identify the motivation of each character helped me see tangible improvement in my ability to quickly understand the game of each scene and start having fun with it. Rolland’s in-depth knowledge of the craft of comedy and improv knows no-bounds, and his dedication to teaching has had a positive impact in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend Rolland as both a performer and a teacher to anyone looking to have a great time and be forever changed for the better." - Mel Judson - Improv Student. Digital Influencer.

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