Sydney Clinton


Sydney's Info

A graduate of the Second City Training Center’s Conservatory and Music Improv programs as well as the Annoyance Improv Program, Sydney is an active producer and performer throughout Chicago. Notably, she is a producer and ensemble member of After Party and Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera. She is also a co-producer of MINT (Music Improv Night) at The Annoyance, a standing program which rotates casts and coaches throughout the year as a learning and performance experience.

Sydney's strengths as an instructor include providing musical improvisers of all levels clear paths to success and keeping it fun! Whether it's establishing the game of the song as an ensemble or conquering the dreaded solo, we will work to make it attainable and playful. Through guided exercises and coaching, you'll be singing strong.

Most recently, I have lead musical improv workshops at: Reykjavik International Improv Festival 2018; Dallas’ Big Weekend of Improv 2017 & 2018; Denver Improv Festival 2017 & 2018; Seattle Improv Fest 2019.

"Sydney is an amazing coach and teacher! She jumps into every rehearsal or workshop with fun, clearly communicated, structured exercises and she fosters an environment of acceptance, support, and silliness. Sydney is excellent at time management during a rehearsal, and she is easy to approach with any questions we may have. Her improv abilities are second to none. When Sydney demonstrates music improv examples or provides feedback on our performances/exercises, I walk away with a clear understanding and helpful tools to apply to my own improv craft. I am a much stronger music improvisor today because of Sydney's mentorship! " - Hanna Pristave

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