Rollin' In Riches

Santa Monica, CA, United States

About Rollin' In Riches

Rolland Lopez teaches and performs improv at the Westside Comedy Theatre.

Rich Baker currently teaches and performs at the Westside Comedy Theatre and Second City Hollywood.

We love meeting improvisers from all over, learning from different styles and we enjoy sharing their passion with our own! This has taken us to many different towns!

Bi-monthly slot at Acme Comedy in North Hollywood, CA
New Orleans Improv Festival (2019)
Compass Improv Festival (2019)
Animal Style Improv Festival (2019)
Wasatch Improv Festival (2019) - Workshop taught, Ensemble team coached
Aquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach (2019) - Corporate Entertainment
Denver Improv Festival (2019) - Workshops taught
Oklahoma City Improv Festival (2018) - Special Guests, workshops taught
Unscrewed Theatre Grand Reopening Month (2018) - workshops taught
San Francisco Improv Festival (2018) - workshops taught
Twin Cities Improv Festival (2018) - workshops taught
Downtown Vegas Improv Festival (2018) - Headliner!
Fitness Business Summit (2018) - Corporate Entertainment
San Diego Improv Festival (2018) - workshops taught
Wasatch Improv Festival (2018) - workshops taught
Monthly show slot at the Westside Comedy Theatre (Santa Monica, CA) 2017-present
Third Coast Improv Festival (2017)
Oklahoma Improv Festival (2017) - workshops taught
Phoenix Improv Festival (2017) -- festival opening act
Red Rocks Improv Festival (2016)
Joshua Tree Improv Festival (2016)
California Comedy Festival (2016) - workshop taught
Alaska State Improv Festival (2016) - workshop taught
Downtown Vegas Improv Festival (2016) -- festival opening act
San Diego Improv Festival (2016)
SF Sketchfest (2016)
Winners of the iO West Doubles Tournament (2015)
Dallas Comedy Festival (2015)
L.A. Improv Comedy Festival (2015)

In addition to the festivals above, we've also performed and taught in Portland, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson and San Diego.

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