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Pamela is an actress, improviser, dancer, and singer
with over 100 performances in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. She is
trained by The Groundlings and Second City, and a graduate of the Upright
Citizens Brigade NYC/LA. Pamela performed with Opening People's Minds (OPM),
which won the award for Best Sketch Comedy in 2009 at the San Francisco Fringe
Fest and garnered praise from reviewers such as LA Weekly. In 2015, she opened
with the Armando Company and its founder, Armando Diaz, for the San Francisco
Improv Festival and SF Sketchfest.  
Pamela has created two improv groups: The Hills Are Alive with the Sound
of Improv!, a fully improvised musical inspired by The Sound of Music; and
Jackson Soup, a dynamic duo improv team. As part of the improv group Fosse
Posse (based on choreographer Bob Fosse), she performed 40-minute improvised
musicals, winning 9 out of 10 competitive shows. Pamela donates a portion of
every show’s proceeds to UniversalGiving™, a global non-profit.
UniversalGiving™ (www.UniversalGiving.org) helps people give and volunteer with
the top-performing organizations all over the world. She has been invited to exclusive
events at the White House on three occasions, and is a CBS News Jefferson Award


Dave is an award-winning improviser, coach, and
corporate strategist. He began performing improv in 2005, and after a move to
Chicago began teaching and coaching in 2007. Along with his teammates, Dave won
the National Collegiate Improv Tournament, headlined shows across the country,
and individually has coached hundreds of students and professionals in the art
and practice of improv. Today, he teaches and performs with the Leela theater
in San Francisco. He has headlined shows at SF Sketchfest and the San Francisco
Improv Festival while performing alongside improv legend, Armando Diaz.
Recently, Dave co-founded the new two person team, Jackson Soup, with longtime collaborator,
Pamela Hawley.

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