Stone Cold Samurai

Brea, CA, United States

About Stone Cold Samurai

Austin and Jac joined Spectacles Improv Engine in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Since then, the two have been regularly practicing and performing improv, along with hosting and producing shows.

Austin and Jac come from distinct comedy backgrounds. Originally a stand-up comedian, Austin successfully auditioned for Spectacles having never before done improv. He is a member of the long-running short form team the Lobby, a charming host, and a local celebrity.

Jac studied improv for several years before joining Ghostlight, and has ultimately specialized in long form. She loves teaching and coaching and believes support is the best thing to provide to your fellow improvisors on and off stage.

Together, the two bring the exact ingredients for the perfect scene: funny, wacky charm and the support to back it up.

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