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With an opportunity to direct an improv show, Dominica Malcolm conceptualised a new format inspired by the card game Funemployed and Donald Trump's campaign promise to "bring the jobs back" to America (in part because this show debuted in San Francisco on Inauguration Day 2017). Though very much anti-Trump in mind and spirit, Dominica needed to find humor to fight through all the negativity.

Though the format and host are consistent, the 3 guest performers are not. They may be from San Francisco, visiting improvisers, or perhaps locals in your city. If selected to perform at your festival, we can discuss how you'd like to approach this, though Dominica will generally have a cast in mind that she has asked before submitting to your festival.

See below for casts available for which festivals; if not all cast members are in the submission video, you may see additional videos below to see the other cast members.

Hawaii (performed): Diana Brown, Leila Carillo, Shirley Chan
Alaska (accepted): Diana Brown, Shirley Chan, Marcus Sams

Current submission video includes cast members Diana Brown, Shirley Chan, and Leila Carrillo.
Other casts:
Diana Brown, Casey Trujillo, Adrian Bosada:
Casey Busher, Shirley Chan, Casey Trujillo:

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