Awkwardly Quiet

Umeå / London, Sweden

About Awkwardly Quiet

Awkwardly Quiet is the international duo Lecoq-trained actor Andreas Södermark (SWE) and award winning comedy performer Lizzy Mace (UK). Already experienced performers, they met in Chicago at The Second City in 2013, and are now teaching and performing together internationally.

Emerging from the players’ shared love of calm, simple, organic improv, Awkwardly Quiet is equal parts emotional connection and big dumb fun. The performers revel in playing silence and exploring the potential in every moment, creating a show that varies from conversational to silent space play, and from the dramatic to the absurd.

The pair are masters at reading and responding to energies, generating satisfying scenes for the audience. With characters ranging from subtle to bold, their relationships are textured and nuanced.

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