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San Francisco, CA, United States

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[ ] is an experimental improv show without words. It breaks the fifth wall, right into the viewer's eyeballs. We build on being deeply connected with our fellow performers, and reacting in the moment. Come witness stupendous feats, marvels, and physical transformations galore!

We’re a group of women, taking artistic risks with this form in a way we haven't seen in other improv shows. Members of our group have developed inspiration from elements of clowning and other improvisers who experiment with silent improv, as well as from the autistic member, who naturally has a different communication style from neurotypical people. We strip back our performance to physicality and emotional vulnerability and connection to get to our primal core.

Casey, Shirley, and Dominica met through training and performing at Leela in San Francisco, and will perform with or without a musical undercurrent.

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