Rare Form Improv

Cleveland , Ohio, United States

About Rare Form Improv

Rare Form, Cleveland’s own professional improv comedy troupe, has been performing together since 2014 under the tutelage of former Something Dada member, Jimmy Green. Most of us are CLE natives, and all of us are either current students or alumni of Tri-C, CSU, BGSU, and CWRU. Lately, we have been taking over the Cleveland improv scene, performing at Forest City Brewery, Wilbert’s Food & Music, Hofbrauhaus, and many more! When we’re not on stage, you might find us enjoying a long walk on the beach or holding hands in solidarity. Rare Form specializes in short and long form structures. Working together with you, the audience, we create scenes and sensations that will delight and haunt your memory for years to come! We would like to thank and dedicate our success to our fans, Don Mitri, and our late mentor and friend Jimmy Green.

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Jon Heus
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