Franklin Institute

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Franklin Institute

“Franklin Institute / it’s so full of secrets / Franklin Institute / let’s tell those secrets now!”

Franklin Institute, an improv troupe based in Phoenix, was named after the group's favorite warm-up. It reminded them of the energy, laughter, and enthusiastic in-the-moment creativity of their shows. (Plus, the warm-up lets them sing.)

Franklin Institute has delivered supportive, fast-paced, and whimsical improvised stories for Phoenix audiences since April of 2019. Each member brings unique elements to create a cohesive set and investigate the importance of "why." Why these characters? Why this moment? Why this relationship?

Like their more serious-minded namesake, Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Science Museum, the improv ensemble reveals worlds onstage - albeit playful ones of their own divising. The team vigorously supports each other telling why the moments they explore are so significant, all while having a lot of fun. Audiences have delighted in their scenes of truthful human connection, mixed in with musical theatre references and landline phone calls.

Franklin Institute is a House team performing weekly online for Phoenix, Arizona's Torch Theatre, and was chosen to perform in the postponed 2020 Phoenix Improv Festival. Franklin institute recently performed in the 2020 Anywhere Improv Festival on May 30, 2020.

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