Warm Up Frenzy: All Games On All the Time

Warming up is essential to a good show. Sadly, after years of experience, most improvisers say to hell with warm ups and go on stage raw. Yet there is something unbelievably enriching and refreshing about warm ups when everyone commits. The right kind of warm up experience can make a show light-years better just because it gave everyone an excuse to shake off the dust, zone into the game, lock in with each other and through themselves into a state of play. In this workshop you'll learn the basic fundamental tenets of play, you'll learn how to develop your own warm up games on the spot - one's that actually work and are more fun than what you learned in level 1 & 2 - and how to play every warm up game you know at the same time with any group of players, whether they know the games or not.

Student Cap:

2 hours
20 students
Nicholas Riggs

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