Advanced Improv Workout, Using the 4th Rule of Improv

This workshop will be geared for the more experienced improviser.      Frustrated with those scenes that catch you off guard every so often where you don’t know what to do? Interested in erasing forever that feeling of being lost in a show? Expected to be the more consistent player in a group because of your experience and looking to be more rock solid in your scenes?      Well, this is the workshop for you. In this workout we will work at a faster pace and really focus on specific artistic muscles that can often be overlooked when making your way through the curricula of most improv training programs. We will spend our time together exploring ways to play that will simplify your approach to a scene and to your shows as a whole. The 4th Rule of Improv will help you be the improviser with whom anyone would want to play.

Student Cap:

2 hours
12 students
Joe Spence

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