Flashform: Play with Everything All the Time

Flashform is a “universal” approach to long form, drawing on all the major schools of thought. You’ll learn to play fast and fluid, leaving your head behind to follow the fun and play hard. We’ll develop ways to find your gravity in any scene, develop editing-for-game and editing-for-narrative techniques that drive stories through scenes and games through stories. We'll work on refreshing inspirations from inside your show and how to get the audience to feel like they’re playing along with you. We’ll play the whole time, taking moments to talk about what we’re all discovering about ourselves and the group as we go so we can explore hone in on what we're actually playing with as we continue with the workshop. You’ll leave feeling ready to play more, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. For players with at least some long form stage experience.

Student Cap:

2 hours
20 students
Nicholas Riggs

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