Dynamic Tension

Dynamic Tension Using techniques employed by professional stage actors and directors you'll learn skills that add delicious tension to your scene work without sacrificing brevity. Because where you move on stage is as important as what you say. This master class will: 1. Help you respond to your scene-partner in a deeply visceral and truthful way. 2. Explore how where you choose to move on stage adds color and texture to your words. 3. Discover how stage movement informs emotion, relationship, status, and time period. This fun and focused class will get you using more of the stage, giving you more ways share your awesomeness when you perform. Expand your confidence and creativity with space object work. And help you make more intentional choices about relating to your environment and sharing your character's state of mind without sacrificing brevity. “Amazing and enlightening workshop.” -Danielle Susi-Dittmore, Executive Producer, Salt Lake City DuoFest “Diana Brown is a force onstage, it's hard to take your eyes & ears off of her! She brings her years of improv and stage experience to her classes; inviting students to deepen their work through intricate stage picture exercises. I was so happy to soak up some of her knowledge!” -Nicole Marcks, Dynamic Tension Workshop Participant, 2019 Salt Lake City DuoFest Workshop can be adjusted to 3 hours with a cap of 16 students. Can be modified for beginning or advanced students as needed. Thank you!

Student Cap:

2 hours
12 students
Diana L. Brown

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