Improv Triage: A treatment lab for your improv challenges.

Improv Triage: A treatment lab for your improv challenges. Diana Brown assisted by Dan Wilson will create/curate exercises on the spot to address whatever is challenging the improvisor in the moment. This master class will: 1. Help you respond to your scene-partner in a deeply visceral and truthful way. 2. Explore where your current choices lead you and help you make choices that are even more satisfying to play out. 3. Deepen your trust in your own instincts. This fun and focused lab will expand your confidence and creativity and help you make more intentional choices. About the instructors: Diana Brown Diana was voted most valuable Mentor and Teacher 2018 at the San Francisco Improv Festival. Diana is a Teacher, Director, Senior Producer and Director of Community with Leela in San Francisco. Independently Diana is also a communications consultant, acting coach and executive level performance coach. Diana has lead Master Classes in San Francisco and recently at Salt Lake City DuoFest 2019. Diana Brown has studied with master teachers Jonathan Pitts, Jill Bernard, Brian James O’Connell (BOC), Joe Bill, Carla Cackowski, Tara De Francisco, Kat Dudley, Rance Rizzuto, Peter Rogers & Lindsey McGowen, Jane Morris, Dee Ryan & Jay Sukow. She studied performing arts with The Arizona Theatre Company Conservatory. Diana performs with the improv trio Past Our Prime Time Players, in the nationally touring improv duo Bingewatch with Dan Wilson. She also appears with the duos Horrible People with Erin Daruszka & The Secret Lives of Villains with Dominica Malcolm and Pop Rocks with Marcus Sams. She’s a member of the realistic improv ensemble The Monologe Project. And the San Francisco based improv trio Irrational Fears with Jill Eickmann & Steven J. Burnett. She is a founding member of the long running improvised play podcast Radiostar Improv. Diana directs the Leela ensemble The Professionals and coaches the indy improv troupe Peach Pit. Diana also performs in scripted theater productions appearing in festivals in New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Assistant Instructor: Dan Wilson Dan is a playwright, director, and actor who has been performing improv since the early aughts. He served as a board member of the San Francisco Improv Cooperative and helped found the SF Improv Festival. Dan served as both producer and performer of the long running improvised play podcast Radiostar Improv. He is currently teaching levels courses, "Improv Sunday School", and drop-in classes with Moment Improv in San Francisco. Dan performs all over the country as part of the improv duo Bingewatch as well as the trio Past Our Prime Time Players. TESTIMONIALS: “With the Triage Workshop, Diana and Dan find out what each person would like to strengthen, and then immediately craft the class into a specialized session, targeting everyone’s needs at once. Anyone taking the class can expect to grow their improvisational range with some of the most warm and uplifting coaches out there.” “They left me with a personalized improvisational tool that I’ve been searching for all year!” “It’s improvised improvisation improvement implemented impeccably!” – Harrison Brooks, Improv Triage Workshop Participant @ 2nd Best Comedy Fest "In the span of a three-hour class, Diana and Dan helped me access, embody and express my truth in ways that were powerful and refreshing. This is one of the best workshops I've ever attended, and has added a whole new dimension to my scene work with others. I would love a chance to work with these amazing, supportive teachers again soon!" — Joseph Pinkert, Improv Triage Workshop Participant @ 2nd Best Comedy Fest I have never attended a workshop with so much discussion amongst attendants about each scene, different moves, strengths, weaknesses, and why we did what we did – but I found it to be easily the most unique and helpful part of the workshop. Diana and Dan, while very talented improvisers themselves, made the workshop about US. They were extremely attentive, and gave specific and impressively detailed feedback as if they had already seen us do improv many times before. I left with a handful of new tips and tools, and my fellow attendants and I are still talking about the workshop days after.” — Rachel Deborah Marsh, Improv Triage Workshop Participant @ 2nd Best Comedy Fest 2019 This email was sent to the Festival Producer, the participant also shared with us: “I wanted to email because I had to let you know how GREAT Diane and Dan are. (you know this already, duh) but I had to tell you what an incredibly awesome, supportive, and fun experience I had during their workshop. You know when people are just good, genuine people with the best juju? That's them...they made me feel all the feelz after taking their workshop. And not only did I feel so warm, fuzzy, and so so positive about myself (I truly walked out of there with a new, different view on life and myself--not exaggerating!), I learned so much to add to my improv tool belt. It was almost back to the basic kind of stuff, but with this different perspective on it that pushed me to think outside of the box and had me challenging myself in ways i never knew i could. AND omg, their background in theater/acting was such an amazing, additional layer to add in to the improv mix. They really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone (as well as everyone else) and in the most supportive, safe environment” — Meredith Hughes, Improv Triage Workshop Participant @ 2nd Best Comedy Fest 2019 “Love improv but hate improv hang-ups? Never fear Improv Triage is here!! Let Diana Brown guide you where you most need to go. Her hands-on guidance backed by years of improv and theater experience shines a light on those unintentional pesky improv habits and hang-ups that can thwart any improviser. She is warm, sincere and specific with her immediate solutions and advice. I highly recommend this workshop.” — Betzi Hekman, Improv Triage Workshop Participant @ 2nd Best Comedy Fest 2019

Student Cap:

3 hours
12 students
Diana L. Brown
Dan Wilson

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