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Chris George is an actor, improviser, and chemist from Chicago, IL and an apprentice of Bill Arnett.

He is a graduate of the iO, Annoyance, CSz Advanced, and Chicago Improv Studio (CIS) training centers, and is a founder of the National Comedy Theater's (NCT) Sunday Company, co-founder and former Assistant Aristic Director of Finest City Improv (FCI) (San Diego, CA), and the San Diego Improv Festival.

He is a former faculty member of FCI and Sidestage Improv (now Old Town Improv Company) and has been a guest instructor at NCT, the Dallas Comedy Festival, Spectacles Improv Engine (Orange County, CA), Endurance Improv Festival (Madison, WI), Jacobs International Teen Leadership Institute (JITLI), Naval Justice School, University of Texas Dallas' Advanced Improvisation Program, Longshot Theater Company (Biloxi, MS), Countdown Improv Festival, Kansas City Improv Festival, Palm Beach Improv Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, and CIS.

He is an ensemble member and the Public Affairs Director of the Odd's Bodkins Shakespeare Company; past roles include Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Antipholus of Ephesus (Comedy of Errors), Birowne (Love's Labour's Lost), and Banquo (Macbeth).

Currently Teaching at: Sidestage Improv

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Chris's Workshops

Ulysses and MacGyver
The Overture, The Aperture
...Since They Built the Pyramids
Scene Games of North America
(Improv)Gods Don't Play Dice
The Makers - Crafting the Whole Plane Mid-flight
It's Not Object Work - It's Object Play
Narrative Improv for Heroes
"Oh What Callbacks!"
To Improv is Human
No Way Out - the Bottle Episode
Valence Chemistry (for Improvisers)
"The Compass Points North" or Theatrical Blocking in Improv
"You Can't Do That in Improv!"
Modern Problems in Improvisation
"Please Come to my Show" or Improv Marketing
The Midnight Society
The Unaccompanied Journey

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