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Richard Regan Paul has been a professional performer, facilitator, and innovator for 24 years.

First, check out Richard's troupe, Four First Names (w/Chris Barry), as they lead workshops and learning experiences designed to deepen the creative well of actors and non-actors alike. Chris and Richard both utilize their improv skills daily in their corporate lives in large organizational settings helping business people think and act like improvisers do: being bold, courageous and never taking themselves too seriously. Their workshops utilize techniques, exercises, games and unique approaches designed to strengthen an actor's muscles of observation, awareness and listening to create a more powerful, enjoyable improv experience.

As an improviser, SAK Comedy Lab is where he continues to perform and instruct improvisation and sketch comedy for the past 17 years. Richard is thrilled to be one half of the improv duo, Four First Names w/ Chris Barry. And Richard continues to be a proud member of Offsides Improv in Orlando, FL. He has studied under numerous improvisational artists including Lyle Moon (Vancouver TheatreSports, Universal Studios Orlando Head of Casting), Johnathan Fox & Jo Salas (founders of Playback Theater), David Razowsky (Clifford & Razowsky), & Bill Arnett (3033, Chicago Improv Studio). Richard has also performed with Disney's Comedy Warehouse (improv), The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, & Theater Downtown. Richard is a veteran of numerous improv and theater festivals like the Sarasota Improv Festival, The Orlando International Fringe Festivals, and PlayFest: The New Play Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, and West Palm Beach Improv Festival. When not working in a live venue, Richard does TV & Film. Film & TV credits include USA Network's Graceland & full-length features 7 Lives of Chance, Fat, Dumb, and Happy, Lester and major studio films Keeping Up with the Jones (w/ Zach Galifinakis & Gal Gadot) & Geostorm (w/ Gerrad Butler & Ed Harris). He has enjoyed successful commercial campaigns with Verizon, MasterCard and Bright House Networks, Capital One, and Cumberland Farms.

When taking workshops and creative experiences with Richard, expect to take on both familiar and abstract subject-matter on improvisation. Richard has taught workshops on improvisational structure and technique drawing from various disciplines that includes narrative longform, Chicago-based longform,
TheatreSports, Playback Theater, Theater of the Oppressed, and Viewpoints. Richard’s workshops also explore inter-personal dynamics issues within improv troupes. Subjects include race and diversity within improv troupes, gender identity and marginalization, and group dynamics with people facing cognitive/physical disabilities.

Richard is a fan of clowning. His interest in circus arts developed from his experiences with Meadowbrook Middle School's clowning troupe. This valuable exposure to clown and mime propelled Richard to work with physical theater luminaries such as Jeff Wirth (Interactive Theater guru and UCF professor), Billy Scadlock (Clown Hall of Fame), Elana Day(Cirque du Solei), and Dick Monday (Ringling Bros. Circus Clown College Dean) to better understand the powerful story-telling techniques our bodies possess as actors.

Currently, Richard facilitates, designs, and researches Design Thinking and other innovation methods with the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab (FHIL). FHIL creates the spaces where people can tap into their creativity and leadership potential to solve complex human-centered challenges.

You can sum up his work like this: Unleashing the Inner-Creativity and Leadership of People Everywhere!

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