NIN Update From Co-Founders Nick and Bill

Hey gang,

Bill and I just wanted to give you an update on where we are and where we are going. I like to do this every once in a while to let you know what’s happening NIN style. We want to thank all of our members and festival partners for joining forces with us. We have 935 members, 500 troupes, 65 theaters and 70 festivals on the site. Together we are connecting the improv world like never before. Our biggest addition, so far this year, has been our chat feature. We are still working out some small kinks but you should be able to chat with improvisors online. I’ve had some great conversations with a lot of you! I hope to have more. If you see Bill and I online please chat with us. We are lonely. 🙂

We have a lot of ideas, but since it’s just the two of us we are trying hard to balance our own lives and bring you more resources, but we promise you we will. Things we want to give you in 2014:

1. Rick Andrews joining the NIN team: Rick is a performer and teacher at The Magnet Theater in NYC and is an organizer for DuoFest in Philadelphia. Rick has shared our vision from the start and has been a huge supporter of the site. We are happy to have Rick and you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from him in the near future. We are happy to have his brain!

2. MP3’s on your Troupe sites. We are beta testing this now, but soon festival organizers and troupes will be able to add their opening music. Why? It makes it easier on everyone. Again, it’s a one stop shop for information on your troupe. No longer will you have to worry about back and forth e-mails and information not getting there. Remember to complete your troupe profile as much as you can for a better chance to get into festivals.

3. Instructor Pages – We are working on it. Soon, if you are a teacher, you will be able to list your workshops on your profile page. We know there are a lot of instructors out there but we only know a handful. Let’s try to blow this puppy out and see what we have in the entire country! Our hope is that festivals can also use this tool to search out new and interesting workshops and teachers.

4. Video conferences and site chat conferences – This year we have the goal of having video and chat conferences that range in topics of coaching improv to marketing your theater. Look out for this later in the year.

If you’re reading this and haven’t joined the site, NIN is free to join so check it out and sign up today. If you’re a festival or theater people are looking for you and want to find you to submit so add your festival today it is also free to list your festival and theater.

As always, we get a lot of ideas from the community some we can do and some we just can’t right now, but regardless we keep all of them. So if you have any ideas or recourses you’d like to see on the site we are open for business just shoot us a PM or e-mail us at or


Nick Armstrong and Bill Binder


National Improv Network

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