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- longform improv since 2003

- has taught & performed in fests & shows all across North America

- wants to play with you!

Short Bio:

Having performed countless forms and styles of shows across North America since 2003, Galapagos's performances are now liquid metal shaped by the suggestion and the group mind. One of the founding groups of The Torch Theatre in Phoenix, they place full commitment, exploring the absurd as a team, and having a blast above all, especially when it involves hijinks like mixing lofty artistic ideals with shameless pop culture tropes. Galapagos is Bill Binder, Jose Gonzalez, Jon Jahrmarkt, Mark Jordan, and Shane Shannon and they love you.

Long, unwieldy bio that's mostly for venue owners & festival organizers to read:

Galapagos was formed in the Fall of 2003 and is devoted to performing
longform improvisation based in strong ensemble work and characters
& scenes rooted in truth. Our improvisation is often in the form of
Harold, a structure and philosophy of improv pioneered by Del Close & The Committee in San Francisco and further developed by Del Close & Charna Halpern at
ImprovOlympic in Chicago (now called iO), the Deconstruction, the Armando, and include longform structures that we have developed ourselves such as Quiet Desperation, The Rubik's Cube, The Cassette, and Liquid Metal. Whatever the
specific form is, a single audience suggestion serves to inspire our

Festival History Includes:
Phoenix Improv Festival 2003-2015
UCB-NY's Del Close Marathon 2005-2015
Chicago Improv Festival 2006, 2013
Denver Improv Festival 2006
Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival 2006
Toronto International Improv Festival 2006
New Orleans Improv Festival 2007
Gila Monster Improv Festival 2007
The OC Improv Festival 2015
Out of Bounds 2008-2011
Philadelphia Improv Festival 2008
Improvaganza 2009-2013
Dallas Comedy Festival 2010-2012
Duke City Improv Festival 2011
Detroit Improv Festival 2012
San Diego Improv Festival 2014-2015

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