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Austin , TX

About In Our Prime

In Our Prime, three improvisers who tells stories of the real or absurd, silly or heartwarming, funny or dramatic. They explore relationships as old as time with relatable characters who are unique yet every day. Or they'll discover a world so absurd and ludicrous that you'll wonder how they found their way there. IOP will find a show to challenge your expectations and often their's too. 

Paul Normandin, Ryan Hill and Gloria Rabil Bankler (In Our Prime) trained at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas and have traveled to festivals across the United States. Red Dirt Improv Festival (OKC), Improvised Play Festival (Austin,TX), Wafflefest (Austin, TX), Improvaganza (Hawaii), District Improv Festival (Washington, DC), Out of Bounds (Austin, TX), Unscripted New York (NYC). 

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