Pet Cemetery

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Pet Cemetery

Carrie (an award-winning playwright), Brandi (an award-winning actress), and Tony (an award-winning twitter troll) met taking classes together at the Torch Theatre in Phoenix. One day they noticed how disturbingly often beginning improvisers (including themselves) did scenes about murdered imaginary pets, so they jokingly formed a three-person improv troupe and named it Pet Cemetery.

Despite having very little in common offstage, the trio developed a mischievous style and playful chemistry onstage during a record-breaking five-month 17-win Torch Theatre Cagematch run that started in late 2017.

Pet Cemetery uses stories from their lives to inspire high energy shows where each player delights in pushing the envelope, trusting that collectively they will find some way to bring it all together in the end. Or not. Either way, they have fun performing together and sharing funny moments with the audience.

Pet Cemetery is currently featured monthly at the Torch Theatre, performing every first Saturday at 8pm.

17-time Torch Theatre Cagematch champions (current record for most consecutive wins).
2018 Mesa Improv Festival
2018 Ghostfest
2019 Phoenix Improv Festival
2019 Ghostfest
2020 Phoenix Improv Festival (online)

Pet Cemetery is currently being coached by Stacey Reed Hanlon.

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