Norfolk Comedy Festival 2019

September 18-21, 2019

Travel Information

What venue(s) will be a part of the festival?

All shows will be held at the Push Comedy Theater. The Push is a 99 seat theater located in the heart of Norfolk's arts district.

What lodging options are available?

We are finalizing sponsorship deals with a few hotels. One will be within walking distance of the theater as well as some of Norfolk's best restaurants. We will also have another hotel with in 5 minutes driving distance to the theater.

What transportation options are available?

We will have volunteers on hand to transfer groups to and from the airport and their hotel.

What dining options are available?

You name it, we have it! Downtown Norfolk has dozens of great restaurants all within walking distance of the festival.

What local events or attractions are available?

If you are a foodie, a history buff, an art lover or a shopaholic, you're in luck! Downtown Norfolk is host to some great museums, restaurants and retail shops.

Festival Information

How much stage time will performers receive?

Each group will receive at least 25 minutes. There will also be some late night improv jams during the festival.

What is the range of shows and styles the festival is seeking?

We are looking for sketch, longform and musical acts. We are looking for as many exciting and innovative groups as we can.

What is the local improv scene like?

We have a comedy hungry scene in Norfolk. Our audience has seen all types of sketch and improv comedy and are ready for more!

What are the festival's goals?

We want our expose our audience to as many new groups and styles of comedy as we can.

What are the selection criteria for this festival?

We want our groups and shows to be as diverse as possible.

What unique improv experiences will performers gain?

We are finalizing both our headliner and workshops schedule. Workshops will be held throughout the fest.
We want the festival to be a place where groups can network and make new friends.

The Norfolk Comedy Festival was founded by The Pushers, Virginia's premiere comedy group. It his held every year at the Push Comedy Theater. We want to make NCF an amazing expreince for performers and audience members alike. We have cultivated a very comedy hungry community who like to treat visiting improv comedians like rockstars!
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