Submissions open now

Omaha Comedy Festival Omaha Comedy Festival 2021
Omaha, NE
Submissions open until 06/27/2021
Troupe submissions close on 06/21/2021
Festival Dates: 09/02 - 09/05/2021 Log in to Submit
Ocean State Improv Festival Ocean State Black and Funny Improv Festival 2021
Wakefield, RI
Submissions open until 07/05/2021
Festival Dates: 09/02 - 09/05/2021 Log in to Submit
Red Rocks Improv Festival Red Rocks Improv Festival 2021
Cedar City, UT
Submissions open until 07/13/2021
Festival Dates: 09/17 - 09/18/2021 Log in to Submit
Coachella Valley Improv/Comedy Festival Coachella Valley Improv/Comedy Festival 2021
Cathedral City, CA
Submissions open until 07/31/2021
Festival Dates: 10/23 - 10/24/2021 Log in to Submit
Green Bay Improv Festival Green Bay Improv Festival 2021
Green Bay , WI
Submissions open until 08/01/2021
Festival Dates: 10/15 - 10/16/2021 Log in to Submit
Secret City Improv Festvial Secret City Improv Festvial 2021
Oak Ridge, TN
Submissions open until 08/13/2021
Festival Dates: 09/24 - 09/25/2021 Log in to Submit
Vintage Improv Festival Vintage Improv Festival 2021
Boston, MA
Submissions open until 08/15/2021
Festival Dates: 09/08 - 09/12/2021 Log in to Submit
Third Coast Improv Fest Third Coast Improv Fest 2021
Nashville, TN
Submissions open until 08/31/2021
Troupe submissions close on 08/15/2021
Festival Dates: 11/04 - 11/06/2021 Log in to Submit
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