Karen Twelves


Karen's Info

I've been performing with a variety of troupes in the California Bay Area since 2008. I'm a strong believer in experiential learning, and deliver personalized training sessions for private clients and the general public, through Bay Area training centers and at national conventions.

In 2018 I published Improv for Gamers, a collection of improvisation exercises that practice the same skills used by tabletop roleplayers, gamemasters, and live-action gamers. More information available at improvforgamers.com.

I'm ready to show you how to embrace possibility, effortlessly manage challenges, and achieve professional and personal growth!

For more info: http://https://improvforeverybody.com/

"Karen is an outstanding teacher and facilitator. She is high-energy, focused and funny." -

"I loved how positive the space was. Wonderful to be surrounded by nothing but mutual appreciation.” " -

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