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Rev is an actor/director/improviser from Cedar City, Utah. He began improvising in the 9th grade as a short form performer through high school and into his undergraduate at Southern Utah University, where he became a regular cast member of Off the Cuff Comedy Improvisation. He now acts as a manager and instructor in addition to his role as performer.

During his time with OTC, Rev has taken workshops from Nick Armstrong, Dave Razowsky, Charna Halpern, Brian O'Connell, Dave Hill, Craig Cackowski, Eric Hunicutt, and James Grace to improve his long form improvisational skills. In 2008, Rev joined with fellow OTC members TJ and Wendy Penrod to form their touring team, Pawn Takes Queen. He has been featured at the LA Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, Red Rocks Improv Festival, OC Improv Festival, Improv Fest Ireland, San Diego Improv Festival, & the Alaska State Improv Festival.

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PTQ Monoscenes
The Unexpected
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