The New Faces of The Improv Network

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we have a new board and a new staff. These are some motivate people who will take The Improv Network into the future and make it even more of a resource to improvisors. The Improv Network has always been a place to bring the community together, whether it be shared information, festival assistance, financial assistance or even theater building we have had the backs of improvisors since 2012. We are proud and happy to announce that we have your back even more with our newest staff:

Our newest board members and CEO:

Kat Brown - CEO and Board Member

Kat Brown – Board Member and CEO

Kat is the director of the Training Center of Finest City Improv. With over 10 years experience in education and the arts, her dream is to help merge her love of postmodern, experimental, Artaud inspired theatre with improvisation. Catch her on the San Diego based team Killer Giraffe, or traveling with the musical improv duo The Hardy Boys. She has studied at Second City LA, Second City Chicago, Finest City Improv and Dosage weekend workshops.

Laurel Posakony - Board Member

Laurel Posakony – Board Member

Laurel is an improvisor and comedian living in Chicago, IL. They majored in Comedy Writing and Performance at Columbia College and are a graduate of iO, The Annoyance, and Second City’s conservatory. They can be found traveling the country in a big white van, performing with their duo Merit Badge. There are only two things they love in this world: everything and improv.

Jeff Thompson - Board Member

Jeffrey Thompson – Board Member

Jeff hasbeen an improvisor since 2002 and have studied at iO West, ComedySportz, Second City Hollywood, The Groundlings, and UCB LA. He is also one of the producers of the Hollywood Improv Festival.

When not on stage, he can be found teaching psychology, consulting for businesses, or playing videogames.

And our newest staff members:

Gretchen Wirges

Gretchen Wirges

Gretchen is an improvisor, actor, director and playwright who set up camp in the desert of Tucson, Arizona almost 20 years ago. She has had the honor and privilege of performing at festivals around the US with her improv duo Ex-Boyfriend and is currently directing her second season of full-length improvised plays with Live Theater Workshop in Tucson. Gretchen credits theater and improv with saving her life and her sanity…because on that stage, with those people, in that glorious Light….that’s where love is born.

Melanie Leon

Melanie Leon

Melanie is an improvisor, actor, and writer in Orlando, Florida. She has toured the country with a comedy show and improvises and teaches at festivals. Locally, she performs and hosts at SAK Comedy Lab, performs with her own indie teams, and is an associate producer of the Central Florida Improv Festival.  Mel also teaches, coaches, and uses improv at local hospitals to help better train medical professionals. She has studied with some amazing improvisers, including Laura Hall, Armando Diaz, Mike Descoteaux, David Razowsky, Michael Gellman, Susan Messing, Carla Cackowski, Nick Armstrong, and Kevin McDonald.  Her true passions in life are improv, animals, sugar, and travel.

Kelly Buttermore

Kelly Buttermore

Kelly has been improvising in New York City since 2003. She performs and teaches around the country with her comedy partner Justin Peters as the duo known as From Justin to Kelly; since 2014, they have given over 250 shows and workshops in 25 different states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. Together, they are the co-founders and co-producers of both Countdown Theater, a roaming, improv-focused pop-up arts space based in New York City, and the Countdown Improv Festival, the world’s only festival dedicated exclusively to trio, duo, and solo improv. With Glassworks, they also are the organizers of the annual Basement Improv Summit.

We are very excited to move forward with these amazing improvisors. They will bring great ideas, content and resources to the worldwide improv community. Currently serving on the board are Jeff Thompson, Bill Binder (Co-Founder) and Nick Armstrong (Co-Founder). Nick will step down as CEO in December, but will remain on the board and as a consultant to TIN.