Spark Acting

Berkeley, California, United States

About Spark Acting

Spark Acting℠ currently consists of Mander Zander and Ruth Sears. Mander’s character, Professor Verve, is a larger than life, mad-scientist-esque, “Animist.” He collects emotional essences from the audience and imbues inanimate objects with them. These objects are brought to life, at least partially, and he enables the audience to communicate with them. His most successful project to date has been his assistant, Galatea, a brought-to-life doll (played by Ruth).

We relish improvisation and interacting with audience members, so if you have your own character ideas, we’d like the opportunity to explore them. (We’re open to playing characters other than the ones we’ve developed.) We both have experience with both scripted and improvised work, but our current focus is on semi-improvised performances that emphasize audience interaction.

Troupe Members

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