Dystopia! The Musical!

Seattle, WA, United States

About Dystopia! The Musical!

You tell us how the world ends; we deliver to you an original improvised musical on the spot. Equal parts glitter and existential dread, Dystopia! The Musical takes a suggestion of an apocalypse and shows the events before and after that led our heroes in their triumphant tale of survival - or tragic yarn of hubris and defeat.

Dystopia! The Musical debuted at Jet City Improv in 2017 to sold out shows and an extended run. With a diverse cast that hails from all across the country and a variety of improv homes (including Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and Seattle), Dystopia! takes a comedic look at the doom and gloom around us, finding inspiration, optimism, and hope in the face of doom and gloom (and often battling zombie alien space dogs, a suggestion we get more times than you may think).

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