Velvet Hammer

Portland, OR, United States

About Velvet Hammer

With over fifty years of improv experience combined, Velvet Hammer was formed because four improvisers fell in love with how each other played on stage: connected, supportive, but also hilarious and delightful AF.
The cast all have wildly different improv backgrounds and styles, so each show is full of variety, fun, and exhilarating improv.

Velvet Hammer delivers grounded, connected improv that's dangerously funny straight to your face. It's hard hitting, yet soft and cuddly. It's like a war hammer wrapped in velvet.

Velvet Hammer is Carla Cackowski (Improv Yak, Orange Tuxedo), DK Reinemer (Becoming Magic Mike, Seattle Improv Fest), Dylan Reiff (Kickstand Comedy, Stumptown Improv Fest), Kara Moore (West Side Improv Fest, Kickstand Comedy).

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