Birds & Broads

Phoenix, AZ

About Birds & Broads

Jacque Arend & Liz Hutchman have been improvising together for over five years in a show called The Skewed News Hour. In 2013 they broke off to enjoy a one night only performance as Birds & Broads. The combination of chemistry on stage along with their desire to challenge themselves and each other led to the continued pursuit of B&B. Since, they have had a five week Cagematch run and took the 2014 Phoenix Improv March Madness Playoff tournament at The Torch Theatre. In 2017 they went on a West Coast Tour performing at Finest City Improv, The Pack Theater & M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater. They have a monthly show at Second Beat Improv Theatre. They focus on a single location scene creating a strong relationship at the top after which they may or may not explore the other rich characters who inhabit that space. They start with the suggestion of a moment in history or future to explore life across the ages. They are often accompanied by musical director Chad Michael Lawson.

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