Edit Dammit: Comedy Art Craftsmanship

Edits are more than a way to get on and off stage - they're tools that help you sculpt your show into comedy-art. Knowing how to use them can get you out of your head, save scenes, and make you a key player on any team. In this workshop we'll play one big montage and pause to learn different edits along the way. Drawing from Freeform and Flashform traditions, we'll work on hard and soft ways to edit-for-narrative and edit-for-game, as well as different ways to paint and direct scenes. We'll pause periodically to talk about using your "player brain" and "character brain," giving us all a chance to hash out some of the finer aspects of editing techniques. You'll leave ready to edit like a pro with a new tool-belt for building more fun, funky and detailed improvised worlds as you play. For anyone interested in long form.

Student Cap:

2 hours
20 students
Nicholas Riggs

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