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This is a community for improvisors living in Los Angeles. A great way to communicate to each other about shows, indie nights, festivals and anything you really want to chat about that’s happening in the LA improv scene! Invite LA improvisors to join!

Improv Theory


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    Brad Kula

    Hey Guys. My name is Brad. What’s Up! So, I got tired of listening to podcasts with amazing guests talk about past teams they were on or wharves. Im hungry to talk about what it’s like to do improv so I started my own podcast. It’s called improv noise and we talk improv theory.

    Past guest include,
    Will Hines
    Craig Cackowski
    Chelsea Clarke
    Louis Kornfield
    Kevin Hines
    and Gregg Hess
    (Just to name a few)
    hit me up. I’d love to talk shop

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