Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Happy Thanksgiving to all

It’s an incredible time to be an improvisor! As the world gets smaller, we all are reaching out and making connections with performers all over this country and around the world. We’re learning from each other, sharing ideas and discovering that there are so many more people than we ever imagined who share the same deep love of improvisation that we do. And for the most part, those people will do anything they can to help each other, laugh together play together and push each other to grow in improv even more. We are truly blessed.

So today, we take a break to remember the things we are thankful for. As individuals we have all had a year of huge triumphs and defeats. As improvisors, we have much to be thankful for in 2013. Everyone is welcome to add their own thoughts. These are things I’m thankful for as an improvisor this year.

  • I’m thankful that we share an open and supportive community. Always celebrating in each others successes
  • I’m thankful that even the most celebrated and revered performers and teachers will always take the time to help a level 1 student.
  • I’m thankful for the performers and teachers who fly from city to city, sleeping on couches and cheap hotels to share their knowledge.
  • I’m thankful to all our families, who may not fully understand why we are doing this instead of using our engineering degrees, but support us 100%.
  • I’m thankful that more than anytime in history, audiences are coming to understand improv – not as a gimmick – but as a way to truly explore the human condition.
  • I’m thankful that there are over 50 active festivals across North America alone, introducing new people to improv almost every weekend somewhere.
  • I’m thankful that new theatre companies are starting and old theatre companies are finding new homes.
  • I’m thankful for the bosses in our “day jobs” who understand that a few times a year we need Fridays off to go play in another city.
  • I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve met in this year.
  • I’m thankful that the gifts we give each other onstage don’t require waiting in line at Best Buy.
  • I’m thankful for people like Lucien Bourjeily and hundreds of others who have literally risked their lives to bring art and improv to parts of the world where it was once forbidden.
  • I’m thankful for those pushing the limits of form, character work, technology and performance to create new shows we never could have conceived of.
  • I’m thankful that more incredibly talented performers like Pete Holmes and Chris Gethard are getting the praise they deserve and paving the way for more performers.
  • I’m thankful that Chicago, New York and Los Angeles will always have great theatres, but they’re no longer the only cities that do.
  • I’m thankful that all of us; students, teachers, performers, coaches, directors, producers and theatre owners are are taking ownership of this thing we love; protecting it and dedicating their time to it. I know that those who came before us sacrificed so much to make the road easier for us today and we continue to work to make the path easier for the improvisors who will come after us. Each year more and more performers have the chance to play and love to the fullest of their potential. I am thankful for every improvisor in the world who makes this happen.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And to everyone who has joined us in this daring adventure of a webpage, a most heartfelt thank you. We came to you with a simple idea and you have all yes anded it into something wonderful and still growing. From everyone at NIN, you have our deepest gratitude.

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